»It is possible to solve every - even a serious - tax problem!«

»Sometimes a new perspective is absolutely helpful!«

»First you need a realistic assessment of the situation - then we should develop a solution strategy together!«

Dr. iur. Bardo Kämmerer Dr. iur. Bardo Kämmerer Dr. iur. Bardo Kämmerer
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Problems with tax authorities

You may have come across this webpage because:

I have been working and focusing on issues such as those referred to above for more than 20 years. In this context, I have found that it is possible to solve all (!) such issues. Sometimes the new perspective of a third party will be helpful. Based on a fresh approach, I will provide a realistic assessment of your situation, and this assessment will then be used to develop – together with you – a solution strategy for the relevant problems.

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Making arrangements for your estate

Do you have

Irrespective of the fact whether you will leave business assets and / or private assets: It is of utmost important that you yourself provide instructions on how your estate is to be bequeathed and distributed. In the event that you refrain from addressing these issues, there will be – nearly always – disputes and conflicts arising among your children and other surviving dependants. Hence the lack of instructions will lead to exactly a situation that you might want to avert. Even in this area, I am ready to assist you to draw up, first of all, a rough concept, which will then be refined into a last will or a contract of inheritance.

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Dr. iur. Bardo Kämmerer

In-depth knowledge of legal methodology and operating principles as well as many years of professional experience are essential characteristics of my work. From 1993 to 2000, I worked as an area manager of the German tax authorities focusing on tax investigation, penalties / criminal cases office, and corporate enterprises. Therefore I am well placed to put myself into the position of the contact person of the tax office. If required, I will also put together a competent team consisting of specialized tax consultants and lawyers. In the event that we come into contact, this, of course, does not mean that you should leave your existing tax consultant. On the other hand, it is frequently appropriate to consult an expert with respect to special issues.


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